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Magic His Way is owned and operated by Magician Aaron Cunningham. Aaron Has been doing magic since he was five years old. and he has been in business for two years now, doing Magic Shows at Church Functions, Birthday Partys, and Local Businesses. He does it all... Street Magic, Stage Shows, Close-up Acts, anything you can think of. Aaron's breathtaking brand of magic will entertain guests and have them talking about the party for years to come.


Why I Like Magic:

Do you remember the first time you experienced something very magical?

I Can.

It was when I was just a little boy. Young enough to still believe in Santa Claus.

I woke up one Christmas morning, saw all the presents under the tree, and thought to myself: How did he do that?

There was a level of emotion that i can’t put into words. what can be more magical than the feeling I had that day… For me, magic is trying to give people that feeling again just for a moment. Magicians have the ability to reach people on an emotional level that is perhaps not possible with other art forms.

That is why I like Magic.


Magic That Makes You Smile

Magician Aaron Cunninghamwant to send me something?

Aaron Cunningham
P.O. BOX 5172
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Keynote Length:  The program is customizable. It can be 30 minutes or 45 minutes to 60 minutes long. Just let us know what you need. We’re happy to make it work.

Customizable Content: Aaron likes to research the industry he’ll be presenting to. This way he can make the presentation even more “memorable” for THAT group. Any details you can provide about your industry and attendees are appreciated and will be woven in.

Tech: Depending on size and type of venue. The sponsor will need to provide (1) a quality projector, (2) projection screen (appropriate for venue and number of people) (3) quality sound system (appropriate for the venue and number of people), (4) a headset “boom” style (hands free cordless microphone.) Aaron walks around a lot during the presentation.


Stage Shows:

The best form of Magic Entertainment is a stage show. Aaron’s breathtaking brand of magic will entertain your guests and have them talking about your party for years to come. from the smallest trick, to one of his bigest props; you will be entertained.

Walkaround Entertainment:

This type of entertainment is very versatile and can fit almost any event. Aaron casually strolls throughout the crowd as he performs magic in the hands of your guests. Before long, the room will be buzzing with applause and laughter! Aaron’s strength is in his ability to entertain all audiences, while making your event a memorable and positive experience for everyone. This type of entertainment is ideal for house parties, office parties, weddings, restaurants, and even national fairs. Aaron’s personal approach to the performance of magic will have your guests asking you: “Where did you find this guy?” This is the perfect addition to leave a lasting impression of your party!

For the kids:

This is the show that has made Aaron a great children’s entertainer. It offers side-splitting comedy and amazing magical illusions for any age group. Aaron is good at commanding the attention of everyone in the room. From ages 3 and up, the show is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing and engaged in the presentation. Although it is geared towards kids, parents often enjoy the show as much as the kids. This show is always a hit and is perfect for creating magical memories for the entire family!

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Magic HIS Way

Aaron is the perfect addition to your event. Whether it is a stage show, a close-up act, or a bit of both, Aaron’s breathtaking brand of magic will entertain your guests and have them talking about your party for years to come.


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